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Atgeir Solutions specialises in data cloud solutions. Our teams of Data Architects and Engineers employ their deep-rooted tech skills to empower clients with a Data Cloud ecosystem, with a total experience of more than 100 years. To generate business objectives, we believe in combining the strengths of Technology, Processes, and People.

A total of 100 years of production experience

20 Use Cases for Big Data and Cloud Computing

Reusable Components and 50 Solutions


We are continuously pushing the technology boundaries and rewriting what’s possible for our clients. Our sheer passion for delivering excellence for our clients stems from our vision of becoming the trusted and reliable partner for enterprises around the globe.


With the mantra of ‘Stay Happy, Stay Productive’ , we are on a mission to build a World Class Team of Professionals who are committed for Customer’s success by leveraging technical skills in Cloud Computing and Advanced Data Analytics. We want to provide opportunities to our team members for unparalleled Professional and Personal Prosperity. We want to pay back the global community by generating Quality Employment and contributing Technical Solutions and Thought Leadership.


Us In A Nutshell


Production Tested Frameworks, Managing Data Operations To Bolster Enterprise Capabilities.


Tried and Tested with Multiple Clients with Enterprise grade Data Pipelines, Tried and Tested Methodology Thats Proven To Garner Results.


The frameworks comply with various Data Standards and hence they are used by our Enterprise Customers within the data pipelines across geographies.

Operational Efficiency

It becomes easy to manage the data platform in production with our Operational Reporting, Auditing, SLA monitoring frameworks.

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