Cost Management Suite For Snowflake


Deciphering Data Points For Tangible Insights

Costnomics is an end-to-end snowflake cost management solution. With the help of data technologies, it simplifies budget planning for future implementations based on rule-based configurations and document templates. Costnomics deep-dives into resource consumption patterns, performance bottlenecks, ongoing cost patterns, and configuration gaps using scripts. By leveraging Advanced Machine Learning and analytics the product presents data in a visual format.

Problems Costnomics Solves

Data warehouses, queries, tools, and users that are responsible for consuming the most credits over a specified period of time.

Identifying total costs associated with Snowflake Cloud Data Platform features

Performance bottlenecks that might be causing excess consumption.

Identifying component that requires re-configuration to leverage the appropriate Snowflake features.

Component Wise Cost Consumption for a new project on Snowflake

Component Wise Future Cost Consumption for next month, quarter or year for an exiting project on Snowflake.

What does CostNomics do?


  • Overall cost
  • Storage costs
  • Warehouse costs
  • Cloud Services costs


  • Resource consumption analysis
  • Billing analysis
  • Performance bottleneck analysis
  • Configuration gap analysis


  • Statistical cost forecasting
  • Advanced Machine learning
  • Cost forecasting
  • Resource consumption forecasting


  • User consumption
  • Warehouse consumption
  • Performance optimization
  • Feature addition
  • Configuration changes

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