Data Engineering

Think big with big data, It’s more than just a buzz


Managing Data Operations To Bolster Enterprise Capabilities

We provide our clients with cutting-edge data management services and data engineering solutions that transform their data architecture, hosting, and technology stack. We work with legacy or cloud-based systems to accumulate data from disparate sources into a unified platform.

With reliable data flows, its acts as a strong asset for organizations.

Pertinent Challenges That We Strive To Address

Slow Data Analytics

Unreasonable Costs

Poor Data Pipelines

Inexperienced Team


Built To Solve Real-World Data Challenges

We use functional knowledge and technical expertise to create reusable components, which allows for faster development by saving our clients’ efforts, time, and money. These repeatable patterns allow us to provide consistency and maintain deliverable quality while deploying tried-and-true components and best practices. This eliminates risk at all levels of client engagement.

Data Architecture

  • Data engineering consulting
  • Infrastructure upgrade roadmap development
  • Automating existing infrastructure
  • Automating processes with CI/CD pipelines
  • Data credibility

Data Pipelines

  • Enable faster Data movement from sources
  • Carefully analysed data pipeline designs
  • Highly reliable data pipelines to safegaurd data integrity

Data Analytics

  • Leveraging data engineering tools for well-informed decision making
  • Storing & processing data, garnering insights
  • Implementing & deploying solutions in the public cloud, or on-prem
  • Providing efficient data cataloging to understand the data

Atgeir Advantage

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