Bringing Intelligence to your Logs


Bring Together Data From Disaparte Sources

HawkEye is a log analytics solution by Atgeir as a part of the DataGeir product suite. As a process, it integrates with several log sources and leverages the abilities of Snowflake to generate real-time information for the users. It uses technologies of AI and ML to make sense of the log metadata and represents them in the form of visuals on dashboards.

Problems HawkEye Solves

Huge quantity of logs from different sources

Incorrect anomaly detection

Slow processes


Output credibility

Data respresentation

What does HawkEye do?

Centralized log ingestion

  • Ingest logs from any system.
  • Ingest at the desired frequency
  • Supports any format of the log.
  • Cleanse and uniformly store the logs.

Log Analytics and Anomaly Detection

  • Geolocation Anomalies
  • Patterns of requests
  • Count of unauthorized requests
  • Analytics on HTTP/HTTPS requests

Visualisation and Alerts

  • Visualize Anomalies
  • Visualize the logs
  • Send Alerts


  • Network access
  • IAM Access
  • Log storage

How does HawkEye Work?

HawkEye collects logs from multiple sources and ingests them to drive visual outputs

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