Proactive Data Governance with ProDG


Monitor, Analyze, Address and Prevent Data Incidents.

ProDG is an analytics solution by Atgeir as a part of the DataGeir product suite. Complete Data Quality Incident Lifecycle Management with Business Transparency. Observability and Data Monitoring At any level of data intake and processing, the solution may be plugged into any ETL / ELT data pipeline.

Problems ProDG Solves

Cost of quantitative and qualitative data

Data Testing

Data Quality Issues

Complex Configuration

Tracking Identified Data

Data respresentation

What does ProDG do

Data Summary and Profiling

  • Data Quality Scoring Index
  • Business Centric Processes for examining, analyzing & summarizing co-relation, structure & content

Data Lineage

  • Automated lineage generation and analysis
  • Visualization Across databases, ETL pipelines
  • End-to-end (source to target) tracking

Validations and Incident Management

  • Automated tests discovery & execution
  • Measure accuracy, timeliness, validity, and integrity of data points across table, row & column levels

Business Insights & Actions

  • Realtime visibility to business
  • Business approved corrective action triggers
  • Data Cleansing

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